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To pave the way to true Human Progress, we, the people, the 99%, need to regain a great deal of Independency from the currently dominating but obsolete Old World Order (the “markets”) that falsely claims to offer “Progress” through Industry, Technology and unlimited profit and production oriented “growth”, while exhausting natural resources only for huge personal benefit of a few.
Further development of the Human Progress website is termporarily paused to first continue elaboration of the Independency Project.

  1. Nature first
    Man cannot live without nature.
    Technology will never be able to emulate nature, unless it develops as far as becoming identical, so what sense does it make.
  2. Eradicate Corruption => Abolish Bank Secrecy & Offshore Banking (AKA Tax Havens or Treasure Islands)
    Large Scale Corruption is the main cause of almost all mayor global problems: war, crime, violation of human rights, trafficking of drugs, weapons, people or near to extinct animals and eventually the destruction of nature, planet and society. Wealth doesn’t trickle down, corruption does.
    This Large Scale Corruption (political, corporate, criminal) is basically allowed, maintained and stimulated by the existence of BANK SECRECY, because it creates the possibility to hide huge amounts of money. Around one third of all global wealth is hidden on those Treasure Islands: 25 Trillion $ (= 25.000 Billion, 25 Million millions or $) and growing. It is the main source of power for the secret, criminal world elite.
    Additionally Tax Havens are used by almost all Wall Street and other Multinational-stock-options-Corporations to evade taxes and drain equally huge amounts of capital from world society.
    Essentially all “respected” commercials banks and financial institutions are directly involved and cooperating with Treasure Islands.
    We, the people, the 99% have to put pressure on the politicians and ruling elites to fully eliminate these black holes in the world’s finance.
    The first step to increase social awareness on this issue would be that all ONGs, foundations, activism and movements should include Abolition of Bank Secrecy & Offshore Banking as (their nº1) demand in all their missions, actions and communications, because it is the common enemy of their causes.
    It is the fundamental step to global financial transparancy and thus to a more true world democracy.
  3. Shift from Corporations to Cooperatives
    Multinational Corporations are essentially obsessed with making profit and as such obsessed with unlimited extraction and production in a world of  limited resources.
    People’s live and work could be based on sharing and collaboration for collective benefit instead of focusing on huge profit for just a few (and the false hope of some to become one of them).
    Sustainable Cooperatives posess this determinating Unique Selling Point as competetive advantage, rather than performance, design, distribution, price or “image”.
    Any existing commercial company, business, product, service or brand can be subject to competition by a Cooperative alternative.
  4. Introduce maximum wages by law.
    Not as an absolute number, but relative to the existing minimum wage; in a company, a country or on worldwide scale.
    Because in reality, not any person is “worth” more than any other person.
    Even so, additional gain may still be used as stimulus for those who dedicate more time, effort, risk or carry more responsability.
    However a factor 12 should be more than enough, so earning in a month the same as someone else in a year would be the maximum difference
  5. 100% VAT on publicity on MSM (TV, newspaper, radio, mobile phones, search engines, popular internet video channels – practically monopolized by Multinationals Corporations)
    In reality no ordinary citizen needs, wants or asks for publicity, in fact they don’t want it, many actually hate it. It is always an interruption of what one really is doing.
    This way those Multinational Corporations, that generally avoid taxes by Offshore Banking, contribute at least a bit more through an alternative channel.
    They are also the ones who can afford it, so to have them contribute back to society just as much as they are willing to “invest” to force their products and brands upon the people and the society is in fact no more than logic.

Once we become Independent and free from the dominating materialistic and consumerist manipulation by the Corporations (the “Markets”), it opens the possibility to focus on creativity, art, culture, science, spirituality and other ways of personal and collective development, which would once again allow real Human Progress and evolution to continue and reach a truly New World Order (2.0).