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Nº 1 priority: Abolish BANK SECRECY & TAX HAVENS

cut CORRUPTION & FRAUD at their roots, all the rest will follow!

All NGO, Protest and Activism should always include this claim in their demonstrations and manifestations to enforce Public Opinion and Pressure.
UNITE to fight this one main disease, instead of fighting independently and scattered against all the multiple SYMPTOMS like: WAR, crime, genocide, ecocide, arms, drugs, global “crises” and global warming.

Financial, political and industrial fraud & corruption (F&D) is only possible by the existence of the BLACK Hole in the global financial system, where all the BLACK Money vanishes.

BLACK Money = BLOOD Money

Social Network Unionism

Our Democracy against their austerity! – a call for action against the EU Spring Summit
‘For a European Spring’ is a call for actions, strikes and demonstrations all over Europe on the 13th of March, and for a pan-European demonstration and creative actions in the city of Brussels on the 14th of March. It is targeted at the EU Spring Summit, where leaders from across the continent will assemble on the 14th and 15 to strengthen the European Council’s response to the crisis.
The response to date from economic and political elites in the European Union amounts to a massive attack on welfare, social rights and democracy. This has been achieved by undermining democracy, reflected in EU policies including the imposition of austerity, demands for deep cuts in social spending, attempts to weaken labour laws and the roll back of hard earned labour rights.
This course…

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