Bank (Tax Haven) Secrecy = Fraud & Corruption

Posted: 04/02/2013 in EN, ES, Maatschappij, NL, Sociedad, Society

By now, everybody knows that Bank Secrecy in Switzerland and other Tax Havens (Treasure Islands) only exists to protect large-scale corruption, fraud and crime, both from individuals and organizations that lack any ethics, dignity and scruples.

TAX PARADISES and corruption are the top of this pyramid.
Treasure Islands = Black Money = Fraud & Corruption = War & Destruction

It is quite sad to know that these kind of practices occupy about a quarter (an estimated 25%) of all world capital, and as such, a corresponding amount of effort, dedication and creativity. Just imagine how much pain and suffering could have been avoided and how much further humanity could have progressed,  if these human resources would have been used for general interest instead of being squandered for selfish greed and, in fact, no more than just a kind of financial masturbation of a few.

Even if we are being told that Bank Secrecy is being reduced, it is (if true) way too slow, and not clear at all if this is total and definite abolition, or just a partial withdrawl just for the image. There is still great work to be done and pressure to be put on Switzerland and the other Treasure Islands by public opinion.

European Spring 2013 and the END of  TAX HAVEN SECRECY

All NGOs and Activism should unite and ALWAYS include this claim in their protests and manifestations! And the European Spring 2013 should be the start of this UNIFICATION!
The fight against AUSTERITY is no more than the fight against BANK SECRECY and TAX HAVENS!

Some articles: mostly on the (old) vague intentions and the slow progress, although also some apparently real executions, of a bit of disclosure of Bank Secrecy in Switzerland or other Tax Paradises:

Results of a search in the Spanish online newspaper

13 Mar 2009 Suiza, Austria y Luxemburgo se sumaron ayer a una lista de países que quieren despegarse la etiqueta de paraísos fiscales. Como Andorra y…/leve-reforma-del-secretobancario-en-suiza-austria-y- luxemburgo
20 Sep 2009 Joaquim Sempere. El secreto bancario, según recientes palabras del secretario general de la OCDE al ministro de Economía de Luxemburgo,…/1555/secretobancario-y-paraisos-fiscales/
26 Oct 2010 Si Suiza puede llegar a plantear un referéndum para decidir si colabora con España y Andorra mantiene el secreto bancario –sólo acepta dar…/187/el-secretobancario-goza-de-buena-salud/
19 Feb 2009 El mayor banco suizo revela el nombre de 250 clientes implicados en un fraude.…/ubs-levanta-el-secretobancario-por-presiones-de-estados- unidos
12 Ago 2012 La economía suiza se vería amenazada si EEUU da el golpe al secreto bancario. Reuters. EEUU ha comenzado a presionar con fuerza a 11
19 Feb 2009 Suiza defendió el jueves la decisión de permitir al gigante bancario UBS transferir datos de clientes a Estados Unidos en un acuerdo tributario
13 Mar 2009 … La Asociación de Bancos Andorranos (ABA) ha anunciado que mantendrá la confidencialidad de sus clientes, salvo en casos ‘excepcionales’ …
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