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Tax Haven Secrecy = Fraud & CorruptionBLACK Money = BLOOD Money

End Bank Secrecy and close Tax Havens

An estimated 25 – 30% of global capital is hidden in BLACK Money from the world by Bank Secrecy of the Tax Havens (Tax Paradises, Off Shore Banking). Although bearing several names they actually all mean the same: TREASURE ISLANDS where today’s financial PIRATES hide their LOOT that constitutes their fundamental source of power.

Each day people are becoming more and more aware that these Treasure Islands are not only secretly used by Mafias, corrupt authorities (politicians, bankers, judges, constructors) and other criminal organizations, but openly by so called respected and recognized corporations and companies that are on the stock exchange or appear in Fortune 500.

TAX PARADISES and corruption are the top of this pyramid.

Treasure Islands = Black Money = Fraud & Corruption = War & Destruction

The public demand to close these Treasure Islands and obtain transparent global finance is constantly growing and it shows in the great number of petitions directed to petition sites.

However, there are over 30 other petitions that are all CLOSED and with just a ridiculous low number of ‘supporters’, some even less than 10… this is a rather strange and worrying coincidence…

As for February 2013 there seems to be only ONE open petition on Abolition of Tax Paradises
in spanish – Abolición Paraísos Fiscales

European Spring 2013 and the END of TAX HAVEN SECRECY

All NGOs, Protests and Activism should unite and ALWAYS include this claim in their manifestations! And the European Spring 2013 should be the start of this UNIFICATION of force of we, the people, the 99%!

The fight against AUSTERITY is really nothing else the fight against BANK SECRECY and TAX HAVENS!
BANK SECRECY is the main source/cause of the world’s mayor problems, because it allows and stimulates large-scale CORRUPTION which leads to WAR, oppression, organized crime, the global “crisis” (not real) and global destruction & warming (very real).

As the video explains, “Foreign aid is not working” because for every $1 that goes to poor countries, $10 is drained out by the rich and powerful industrial corporations (in oil, gold, diamonds, other minerals and cheap natural and human resources) most of which ends up in TAX HAVENS again, completing the cycle.

It is just not enough that Greenpeace fight for Nature, Doctors Without Frontiers for medical aid in poor countries or Amnesty International for Human Rights.
In this way the NGOs are scattered, each of them ‘just’ fighting independent SYMPTOMS of one and the same DISEASE: corporate GREED & CORRUPTION of the elite, which is sustained only by the existence of TAX HAVEN SECRECY.

European Spring 2013 is the ultimate occasion for NGOs and Activists, to all start addressing this one big claim together (additional to their original own, more specific claims) turning it into a united, loud, unceasing clamor of popular DEMAND that will not stop until each and every TAX HAVEN is overthrown and every existing $ on the planet is accounted for through a worldwide, TRANSPARENT financial system!

First END BANK SECRECY, then talk austerity (if still needed).

Sites and petitions to end of Bank Secrecy and Tax Havens.


  1. http://www.endtaxhavensecrecy.org/
    We are a coalition of organisations from around the world, brought together for one reason – to end tax haven secrecy for the benefit of the world’s poorest.
  2. http://www.auditthefed.com/
  3. http://www.chooseliberty.org/auditrphf.aspx


against Bank Secrecy, Tax Havens, Tax Paradises, Off Shore Banking, Tax evasion, etcetera.

Strangely, many of them are closed and seemed to have lived a very short live, with ridiculous low numbers of signatures, HOW COME?

Are they really ‘closed’ (supposedly by their authors) or are they just SYSTEMATICALLY BANNED???

At the beginning of February 2013 there seems to be only ONE open petition on Abolition of Tax Paradises
maybe because it is in spanish – Abolición Paraísos Fiscales

Some other petitions are still open, but then again, they don’t explicitly address “Closure Tax Paradises”.
Even so, it is related further information, references, links, so worth while for more investigating.

  1. We need a Global Wealth Tax
  2. The United States of America vs. The Federal Reserve Bank
  3. Abolish the federal reserve banking system (with very good intro video of late Aaron Russo) – 290 signed up to feb 2013

Petitions that are explicitly mentioning CLOSURE of TAX HAVENS or the like all seem to be closed!

  1. Change.org
    gives many results when searching for petitions on: tax havenstax evasion,
    HOWEVER… the most important ones of them are closed, again WHY?
    Results on “Tax Havens“:
    Close Tax Havens Now! (35 signatures only??? sure)
    UK Government: Stop Tax Havens with British Interests. (25 signed???)
    IMF: to put an end to tax havens all over the world (6 signed??? SIX!)
    No help to firms abusing offshore tax havens (125)
    Tell Congress To Put An End To Off-Shore Tax Havens (186)
    Results on “Tax Evasion“:
    Shine the light on Tax Evasion (5 signatures only???)
    Bring an end to Tax Dodging (5 signatures???)
    Remove Tax-Exempt Status for Religious Institutions (5 signatures???)
    Mitt Romney: Release your taxes (112 signed)
    Full Disclosure of Romney Tax
    Results on “Bank Secrecy“:
    Senate of the Republic of the Philippines: Waive this bank secrecy (4 signed???)

    Results on “Abolish bank
    abolish the federal reserve banking system (this one is not closed (yet) and has reaches over a hundred supporters: 290, incredible! Anyway be quick if you care to sign it.)
    Abolish the current Federal Income Tax System (still open too, 14 signed)
    Results on “Paraísos Fiscales
    Paraisos fiscales NO! (cerrada: 25 firmas)
    Embargo cuentas paraísos fiscales (closed: 2113 signed – wow, ‘impressive’ number, in comparison!)
    Cristóbal Montoro: Que se investigue los paraísos fiscales (closed: 53 signed)
    gobiernos mundiales: prohibición total paraisos fiscales (closed: 8 signed)
    Prohibición paraísos fiscales (closed: 34 signed)
    Parlamento europeo: Prohibir la existencia de paraísos fiscales (closed: 8 signed)
  2. Avaaz.org
    http://www.avaaz.org/en/petition/An_end_to_tax_havens/  (posted 2012/04/22 and already closed, WHY?)
    The existence of tax havens allows the wealthiest individuals and companies around the globe, who should be giving most back to the societies in which they live, to avoid paying their fair share. All governments around the world should make such activity illegal and expose it for the crime it really is. One law for all in finance as well as everything else!

investigation continues… volunteers accepted 😉


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