Food Inc. the full movie? They just don’t want you to see it.

Posted: 25/01/2013 in Ciencia, EN, ES, IT, Maatschappij, NL, Science, Scienza

The Food Inc documentary, by Robbert Kenner, reveals some of the unethical, if not illegal, practices of the American food industry giants (and as such, practically of the whole world) like Tyson or Monsanto and the dramatic negative effects on health, justice and human rights, and the indecent way thousands of animals, farmers and workers in their production chain are treated, and ultimately the consumers as well, in other words YOU!

Because almost everything you eat from supermarket or fast-food chains is dominated and controlled by just some 3 or 4 of these giants. And they don’t care about your health or well being and even less of the animals or workers in their production line. They only care for profit… and their image. Because they do want you to buy, but they don’t want you to know how they work.

Once you have had a look behind the curtain of modern food production through this documentary, you will want to back a century and grow your own food and not ever enter a supermarket or fast-food chain ever again.

Most probably that is why the full documentary is continuously on and of youtube, because the companies don’t want you to know the truth, and use their power to ban it, while individual persons or small GNOs seem to upload it again and again. In that sense Vimeo works a lot better than Youtube, which is practically MSM and applies far more censorship.

See full Food Inc. documentary on Vimeo

Some partial videos from youtube:

Some links to several debates on the documentary:

Transcript of what one (natural) farmer (Polyface farms) says:

I am always struck by how successful we (society) have been…
at hitting the bull’s-eye of the wrong target.
For example, in cattle we have learned how to plant, fertilize and harvest corn…
using global positioning, satellite technology…
and nobody sits back and asks…
But, SHOULD we be feeding cows corn?

We’ve become a culture of tecnicians…
we are all into the HOW of it…
But nobody is stepping back and saying, but WHY?

I mean, a culture that just views a pig as a pile of protoplasmic inanimate structure…
to be manipulated by whatever creative design that numans can foist on that critter…
will probably view individuals within this community and other cultures in the community of nations…

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