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TAX PARADISES -> Black Money -> Corruption -> War, Crime, global ‘Crisis’ & Destruction -> YOU

TAX PARADISES and corruption are the top of this pyramid.

TAX PARADISES and large-scale corruption constitute the top of this Power & Control pyramid.


The top of the global Power-and-Control-Pyramid is well outlined:
Bank Secrecy & Tax Havens (Paradises/Off Shore Banking) or more appropriately: TREASURE ISLANDS.

An estimated 25 – 30% of global capital is hidden from the world on TREASURE ISLANDS. This is nothing else but the LOOT of today’s dominating, elite, corporate PIRATES and it constitutes their fundamental source of power.

These TREASURE ISLANDS are the one ‘secret’ source from where ALL (BLACK Money for) Fraud & Corruption trickles down the rest of the Pyramid. From the hidden accounts it comes through ‘normal’ banks, wall-street or other casinos and it drips down over politicians, law-makers, judges, policemen down to the most common people. At any level, it is only Corruption that prevents justice, democracy and human rights to work properly.

Only Corruption allows for, or leads to: most of wars, dictators, trespassing of human rights, organized crime, drugs, fraud, environmental disasters and even the supposed global ‘crisis’.

Protests and NGOs should unite  to DEMAND closure of  TREASURE ISLANDS

All Corruption is essentially funded by BLACK Money from  Treasure Islands (Tax Paradises/Tax Havens/Off Shore Banking).

So actually, all the different, fragmented and scattered NGOs and Activism have just one final common goal: the total and absolute Abolition of BANK SECRECY and closure of TAX PARADISES.

As such, they should all UNITE, instead of fighting independent battles against all the different ‘secondary’ problems and injustice that derive from the one actual source.

From Greenpeace to Human Rights Watch, from Oxfam to Occupy Wallstreet, Doctors Without Frontiers to Amnesty International, russian Pussy Riot to mexican Narcocorridos, Ghandi to Luther King, Ucrainian Femen to 15M in Spain, 5 star movement in Italy, pirate parties over the whole of Europe, they all fight/fought battles with actually just one and the same goal: true freedom and democracy! Freedom and democracy that is essentially screwed up and rotten by elite corruption, nowadays financed and made possible thanks to the existence of Bank Secrecy and Treasure Islands.

Like the allied forces against Hitler all protests and NGOs should concentrate on this one mother of all global evil! Or at least always and anywhere dedicate a strong, visible reference to it to create more social awareness, strengthen public opinion and force banks and governments to fully abandon this system forever!

Draw your conclusions, and take action!

European Spring 2013

The European Spring 2013 is the ultimate occasion for NGOs and Activists, to start addressing this one big claim all together (additional to their original own, more specific claims) turning it into a united, loud, unceasing clamor of popular DEMAND that will not stop until each and every TAX HAVEN is overthrown and every existing $ on the planet is accounted for through a worldwide, TRANSPARENT financial system!

The fight against AUSTERITY is no more than the fight against BANK SECRECY!

BLACK Money = BLOOD Money

Treasure Islands = Black Money = Fraud & Corruption = War & Destruction


At the beginning of February 2013 there seemed to be only ONE open petition on Closure of Tax Havens
in spanish – Abolición Paraísos Fiscales

strangely, there are over 30 other petitions that are all CLOSED and with just a ridiculous low number of ‘supporters’, some even less than 10… this is a rather strange and worrying coincidence…

more on Petitions & Activism to End Bank Secrecy and Tax Havens

Feb 2013: starting a listing of dubious financial organizations and services (randomly found, not yet checked).


The Food Inc documentary, by Robbert Kenner, reveals some of the unethical, if not illegal, practices of the American food industry giants (and as such, practically of the whole world) like Tyson or Monsanto and the dramatic negative effects on health, justice and human rights, and the indecent way thousands of animals, farmers and workers in their production chain are treated, and ultimately the consumers as well, in other words YOU!

Because almost everything you eat from supermarket or fast-food chains is dominated and controlled by just some 3 or 4 of these giants. And they don’t care about your health or well being and even less of the animals or workers in their production line. They only care for profit… and their image. Because they do want you to buy, but they don’t want you to know how they work.

Once you have had a look behind the curtain of modern food production through this documentary, you will want to back a century and grow your own food and not ever enter a supermarket or fast-food chain ever again.

Most probably that is why the full documentary is continuously on and of youtube, because the companies don’t want you to know the truth, and use their power to ban it, while individual persons or small GNOs seem to upload it again and again. In that sense Vimeo works a lot better than Youtube, which is practically MSM and applies far more censorship.

See full Food Inc. documentary on Vimeo

Some partial videos from youtube:

Some links to several debates on the documentary:

Transcript of what one (natural) farmer (Polyface farms) says:

I am always struck by how successful we (society) have been…
at hitting the bull’s-eye of the wrong target.
For example, in cattle we have learned how to plant, fertilize and harvest corn…
using global positioning, satellite technology…
and nobody sits back and asks…
But, SHOULD we be feeding cows corn?

We’ve become a culture of tecnicians…
we are all into the HOW of it…
But nobody is stepping back and saying, but WHY?

I mean, a culture that just views a pig as a pile of protoplasmic inanimate structure…
to be manipulated by whatever creative design that numans can foist on that critter…
will probably view individuals within this community and other cultures in the community of nations…