Descubrimientos científicos

Posted: 24/09/2011 in Ciencia, ES

Coleccionando enlaces cierntíficos, tanto recientes como antiguos que hayan aportado un paso importante al progreso humano.



Some of the mayor milestones – events, discoveries or inventions – in human progress.

  1. Gutenberg/Janszoon Coster: book printing –
    1440 (±)  – Gutenberg bible 1455
  2. Columbus –
    1492 – discovery of America AND (generally not considered, but in fact more important) the first empirical confirmation that the world is round!! (you don’t fall off the earth after the horizon!)
  3. Galileo –
    1610 – concludes that the earth orbits around the sun, earth is not center of the universe as sustain religions
  4. Newton –
    1687 – Lays the foundation of classical mechanics and describes the laws of gravity.
  5. Darwin –
    1859 – reveals the Theory of Evolution in “On the origin of species”, man comes from monkey not from divine creation.
  6. Einstein

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