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Posted: 16/09/2011 in ES, Sociedad
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Enlaces definitivamente obligatorios para conocer y entender un poco el fraude y la  corrupción del mundo financiero que nos rige (los bancos, las bolsas y las grandes multinacionales) y una lista de enlaces pendientes por repasar.

La siguiente lista de documentales tiene un cierto orden cronológico.

Lista corta (esencialmente inglés, en vias de pasar al español, si encuentro los vídeos)

  1. History of the monetary system itself, starting at the beginning of society up to where it goes wrong and suggestions for how to solve.
  2. The money masters – All power of the banks in the hands of just a few.
  3. America:  from freedom to fascism – control taken by the banks in the US since 1913 and the intention to extend that control all over the world.
  4. ES Inside Job – Las causas detrás de la crisis del 2008 – los bancos, el sistema financiero & la codicia.
    Mencionado también en el blog de Ana Pastor – TVE
  5. The Shock Doctrine: The Rise of Disaster Capitalism – Large scale manipulation through collective shock throughout modern history and still going on.
  6. Dinero y conciencia: ¿A quién sirve mi dinero? – Charla ofrecida por Joan Antoni Melé, subdirector general de Triodos Bank, el primer banco ético de Europa.

La misma lista con más info introductoria

  1. History of the monetary system
    Paul Grignon’s 47-minute animated presentation of “Money as Debt” tells in very simple and effective graphic terms what money is and how money is being artificially created out of thin air. And how banks and bankers are the only ones to profit from this, while households, companies and even governments become their slaves only to pay back the loans in an ever growing spiral due to interest. This spiral requires for an ever growing need for natural resources and consumers until the very collapse of the earth.
    The only way out, towards a sustainable world is to make banks government-owned and -controlled (again) and eliminate interest, which is what turns a possible sustainable circle into an endless and ever growing all-consuming unsustainable spiral.
    My conclusion from this instructive video is that BANKS themselves are the REAL and ONLY cause of current WORLD (CREDIT) CRISIS, and the main initial source of war, global warming and general global collapse.
    This video is the primary MUST SEE for everyone who wants to understand how the money system, and thus the world, works in reality.
    For other languages check the list at: http://moneyasdebt.net/
  2. The money masters – Bill Still
    The US Federal Reserve Fraud – it’s not Federal and they have no reserve. It is a private banks that lends non existing money to the US Government and by that controls it.
  3. America:  from freedom to fascism – 2 hour documentary
    Aaron Russo explains how the banks started to control american government since 1913, when they led to believe the American state and people that the 16th amendment (income tax amendment) was ratified, while it was not. In the same year the bankers achieved the federal reserve act to be, gaining control over America’s money supply. Government had given the bankers one of it’s most important powers and now had to borrow money from them and pay interests to finance government. So the american people were forced to lower their standard of living and pay a graduate income tax to the government, just so the government could give these bankers more profits. President Woodrow Wilson who signed the Federal Reserve Act into law later (1919) said in regret: “… A great industrial nation is now controlled by its system of credit…” The documentary shows there is NO law to pay income tax.  In fact, income tax is not legal because it’s a direct tax and it is not apportioned as the Constitution demands. In fact, the IRS is violating the law and violating people’s rights. “This whole thing is a fraud”. “It’s actually very simple. …There is NO constitutional basis for a tax on the wages of americans living and working in the fifty states of the union. Period. End of argument.”
    In 2005 the illegal tax on labor collected $927,2 billion.
    The legal corporate income tax collected $278,3 billion.
    From here on Aaron Russo continues the quest that leads to discovering how it is the banks that are in control, not the governments (he too explains that “the Federal Bank is a private bank” – “the government works for a private bank and the private bank works for it’s owners”) and the intentions to increment and extend that control to all people and the whole of society, worldwide. Some speakers and their references (google search): Phil Hart, Larken Rose, Irwin Schiff, Vernice Kuglin, Charlie Beall (we the people foundation), Peter Gibbons, Tom Selgas, Edwin Vieira, David Champion (nontaxpayer.org), Jan Lindsey, Joe Banister, Marcella Brooks, Michael Ruppert, G. Edward Griffin (Author: The creature from Jekyll Island), Sheldon Cohen
  4. Inside Job (apparently banned from youtube.-.) – official trailer
    How the financial industry set out to defraud the ordinary american investor Explaines how the global economic crisis (2008) happened. Starts with the economic meltdown of Island, after the deregulation in 2000 (as the US started financial deregulatetion in 1982),  and takes it from there on: privatisations of banks, rating agencies, the real estate bubble, the invention of risky financial packages,  subprimes, credit default swaps, IMF, cocaine and prostitutes in wallstreet, bonusses… More videos (357 to date) on insidejob.compage
  5. The Shock Doctrine: The Rise of Disaster Capitalism – trailer for quick view – reduced version
    a 2007 book by Canadian author Naomi Klein, and the basis of a 2009 documentary by the same name. Explains the application of massive shock therapy (wars, natural disasters, etc.) in advantage of financial institutions.
  6. Dinero y conciencia: ¿A quién sirve mi dinero?
    Charla ofrecida por Joan Antoni Melé, subdirector general de Triodos Bank, el primer banco ético de Europa.  Explica que la “crisis” no es la crisis económica (superficial) de los últimos años, sino la crisis (de fondo) ética y moral que afecta toda la humanidad y empezó hace décadas, cuando la economía y el comercio empezaron a tomar una vida propia y dominante, por encima de los demás valores humanos y el sentido de la vida.

Enlaces por repasar

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