The economic Titanic

The current economic situation (“crisis”) is fully comparable to the Titanic being completely off course. To have a boat that huge back on track again it requires a tremendous amount of effort and time, even after ajusting the course. All current country leaders, from Obama to Merkel, got on this ship while it was already decidedly heading for disaster.

I think far too few people are aware that current leaders have nothing to do with the fact that we are in crisis today and that they are not to blame for the current situation. Nor should they be “disposed off” only because they didn’t solve in 3 or 4 years this absolute mess they inherited, which took decades to grow, nobody could have. They simply got on this Titanic, while it was already heading at full speed towards the iceberg and in case of elections there is absolutely no guarantee that new heads of state will be able to solve it (neither the current ones for that matter).

In fact, elections really won’t change anything, unless there is a fundamental worldwide restructuring first, of how economics work on a global scale.  If not we will just continue this course towards the iceberg for the years to come decade until new/worse collapse.

This economic Titanic is ruled and controlled by banks, stock exchange and financial speculation, centralized in the US Federal bank, which, contrary to general idea, is NOT a public bank and Wall street, with the support of the large world corporations.

This dominant position of the financial sector is more and more eroding democracy and will eventually lead to the real collapse (of democracy and/or environment), that would reduce the importance of the current “crisis” (basically no more than economic) to a mere joke.


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