The collapse of democracy

Posted: 10/09/2011 in EN, Maatschappij, NL, Society
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With bankers, brokers, lobbyists and speculators having significant control, but only aiming to deviate money from society to their own pockets, eventually democracy will collapse.
While country leaders are chosen by the people to represent them, in the financial world leaders are chosen from within a privileged and select group, away from the public and only representing themselves.
While governments have, at least, a certain minimum of public responsibility and transparency, what bankers do is not very open to the public and they definitely take no responsibility of whatsoever at all (the linked website includes nice/funny video of an early indignant in a movie from way back 1976).

Bankers Without a Clue (New York Times)
This disaster was entirely self-inflicted. This isn’t like the stagflation of the 1970s, which had a lot to do with soaring oil prices, which were, in turn, the result of political instability in the Middle East. This time we’re in trouble entirely thanks to the dysfunctional nature of our own financial system. Everyone understands this — everyone, it seems, except the financiers themselves.

And while governments are subject of public election and approval every certain time, bank leaders can stay put for an undefined (green)span of time without any need of public approval.

The consequence is that it actually doesn’t matter anymore who you vote. Financial pressure is obliging governments all over the world to focus only on economic measures. But these measures will not be able to solve anything as long as that elite group is allowed to do as they please and continue to soak up wealth from society as a whole.

It’s a big error to think that any of the current national governments is to blame for the crisis in their country. And it’s as big as an error to think that changing government (or maintaining the same for that matter) would make any difference.

The current economic crisis is the result of both the centralized power and the insatiable greed (+ egoism, arrogance, lack of ethics,  moral values and even drug addiction) of bankers and speculators. And it is just the precursor of the collapse of democracy itself if society continues to allow control by this unscrupulous group. That is just as predictable as was this crisis.

The other “option” of continuing to allow financial sharks to rule the world, is the collapse of the environmental system. Another crisis which was already predictable way back in the seventies and that still has not received any real support by any of the main involved parties (governments, banks, oil companies, large scale agriculture,

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